Welcome to SwingerIDs.com

Welcome to SwingerIDs.com

After starting in the “lifestyle” we saw a few small problems.
  • At a private party; How can you tell what someone is looking for? Are they part of a couple. Or single?
  • On the street; Wow He/She is hot, I wonder if He/She is in the lifestyle?
  • At an event or a Meet and Greet, straight, Bi, single, or couple?
At parties it can sometimes be difficult to introduce yourself to others. One of the main problems people have, especially if you are new to the lifestyle, is a way to tell others at a glance what you are and what you are looking for. It is hard to break the ice sometimes.
Say you are a couple, and looking for a couple, we have a symbol for that! Maybe you are a single woman/man that is straight or Bi, we have a symbol for that! Or maybe you are a couple looking for one playmate, we have that covered as well.
Beautifully handcrafted swing lifestyle pins, pendants, and key chains have been created, especially for us, to stylishly ( and discretely )  identify you to other like minded people. These pieces are made in the USA, using equipment made in the USA, and metals specially created for our specific use, also by an American, right here in the USA.

By wearing one of the many custom designed jewelry pieces you can tell others what you are looking for and immediately know what they are looking for; another man, a woman or that fun loving couple.Helping to eliminate that awkward moment of wondering, are they straight, Bi / bi-curious, single or a couple.

Are you a couple seeking another couple? Out at a party and looking for a couple to play with tonight? The couples joined together symbol is just for you.


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